Drag Racing Mobile uses a built-in or an external GPS receiver of a Android or Windows Mobile PDA for the measurement of the acceleration of a vehicle - no matter what vehicle. This software uses the traditional race track lengths of the acceleration competitions (1 / 8 miles, 1 / 4 miles, 1 km). The results will be nicely displayed in a tabular form and showed as a diagram. The results can be mailed or shared on Facebook. At the same time you can compare your results and time marks with your online community, friends or forums. Our page also saves your personal results and makes it possible to compare the results of different types and brands of all the drag mobile users. Also at the end you can see, who the winner is.
  • Compatible with Android / Windows Mobile 5 / 6 / 6.1 / 6.5
  • Modern User Interface
  • You are able to access your historical runs
  • Ability to export data for furter processing

    Android: Free version supported by Banners:
    Google Play Store

    Windows Mobile: The free demo version is upgradeable to full version with a licensekey from our shop: